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“I Know That My Redeemer Liveth” (Job 1–2; Job 13; Job 19; Job 27; Job 42)

This is about the story of Job, who is one of only 7 non-Israelite prophets recorded in the Bible.

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History of Job

The location of the story of Job is perplexing. There are no contextual clues as to where the story takes place, so the location of the story is a mystery. The form of Hebrew that the book is written in is some of the oldest known.

To help understand, think of the version of Hebrew as "Old English Hebrew." For example, just as the King James version uses "thee, thou, etc" which current english does not use, this older version of Hebrew uses forms of language that are quite ancient compared to current, or even New Testament Hebrew.

This means that Job is possibly the oldest book on the Bible, conceivably much older than Genesis, or any other book.

Gentile Prophet

In rabbinic literature Job is represented as one of seven gentile prophets. The other six are:

  • Balaam,
  • Beor (Balaam's father),
  • Balaam's four friends (Talmud, B. B. 15b).

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Additional Teaching Materials

  • Old Testament Institute Manual
  • The Old Testament Made Easier Part 2. David J Ridges, 2006.


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