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Institute is a program for college-aged students to learn gospel principles. In some ways, institute classes are a continuation of the seminary program, with a much more varied and expanded curriculum. Many colleges and universities have buildings on or near campus.

Classes include a variety of topics, such as Teachings of the Living Prophets, Celestial Marriage, as well as the traditional subjects of the Book of Mormon, Church History (which includes the Doctrine and Covenants), the Old Testament, and New Testament. Students who successfully complete studies recieve a certificate of graduation. Often, many students elect to take classes as credit/no-credit classes.

Generally, institute classes do not help students earn college credit. However, college credit can transfer to Brigham Young University, and BYU-Idaho, which are church-sponsored schools.

In areas where a university is not nearby, but there are college-aged adults, institute classes are often taught at a church. Like seminary, these classes can be taught by professional teachers, missionary couples, or lay members.