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About the Site

This is a website developed for helping LDS Sunday School teachers enhance their lessons. With the help of the More Good Foundation. It is in its infancy, and is looking for alot of help to get things going. The primary focus will be to work on Gospel Doctrine lessons, specifically New Testament, since that is the area of study this year. These lessons are probably geared toward a more advanced study of the New Testament, with additional information than is typically found in the Sunday School Manual. is sponsored by the More Good Foundation. The wiki serves as a tool through which positive LDS content can be developed in a collaborative manner. We welcome positive and balanced content about Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

This page explains how you can help make better, and in the process help create more positive LDS content on the Web.

For more information, click on How you can help

Featured RS/PH Lesson

The Gospel Principles can be found here.

We need a lot of help in adding content to this site.

We need help on all other lessons, but expect with current lesson coming up, that we need help with the following:

2009-10 Gospel Principles Manual

Priesthood/RS Lessons

Featured Seminary-Institute

We don't want to limit ideas on this page to only Sunday School, and we value the wonderful contributions that Seminary and Institute teachers can add. Once again, be sure to add a proper [Category] to the article so that we can group similar subjects together. You can see at the top some of the main categories that we have, such as Category:Old Testament, etc. Of course, if you are a Seminary or Institute teacher, please don't limit yourselves to only those lessons, as we are sure that your expertise will help with Gospel Doctrine and Gospel Principles lessons as well.

Featured Gospel Doctrine Lesson

The Old Testament Manual can be found here.

We need a lot of help in adding content to this site.

We need help on all other lessons, but expect with current lesson coming up, that we need help with the following:

OT Manual

New Testament Lessons

The official manual can be found here.

Family Home Evening

Many have ideas to help families regarding Family Home Evening. Be sure to keep in mind that families have toddlers, young readers, teens, and young adults, so not every lesson will suit every family. That is what a [Category] is for. As you add your lesson, be sure to add a category to the bottom to specify whether the planned lesson would help any number of families. For example, if your lesson appeals to teens, add a small tag Category:FHE Teens to your lesson in double square brackets []. (You will see categories in other articles, to help you with the exact syntax.) This can help families in similar situations help with lessons that help with similarly aged children.

Special Topics

If you teach a lesson that isn't specifically mentioned here, we still value your input. You may have a lesson on Genealogy, Personal Finance, Temple Preparation, or any of multitude of subjects that we may not have thought about. Some of you may have contributed to another website of the More Good Foundation, such as, and we encourage you to contribute both at MormonWiki, and here. The focus of this website is for any teachers, while the is geared toward all aspects of Mormon religion and culture.