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“I Was Blind, Now I See” (John 9-10)

Church Cirriculum

The official church guide can be seen at the Official LDS Church site for Gospel Doctrine (New Testament 2007) or direct link to this lesson

We encourage you to make sure you are familiar with the official church curriculum as the first step in your lesson preparation, as this is the material recommended by the General Authorities of the church.

Supplementary material here is not intended to substitute for lesson preparation, but hopefully it will enhance your preparations for Sunday School.

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Additional Teaching Materials

  • New Testament Institute Manual
  • The New Testament Made Easier: Part 1, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. David J Ridges, 2002. ISBN:1555176380.
  • The New Testament with the Joseph Smith Translation. Steven J. and Julie M. Hite. 1994. ISBN:0-9642325-1-0